Who should run?

For beginners (or once again, those who are obligated because you’re related to me), I’m going to take the next few posts to address the five “W”s of running.

Here’s the first one:

Who should run?”

First of all, let me put in the disclaimer: As with any physical activity or exercise program, please check with your doctor first.  (Was that official sounding enough?)

Now, let’s dispel some of the excuses you may have heard about who can run.

Excuse #1:  I’m too old/young. 

Running is a sport that transcends age and gender.  I have run 5K races with my teenage daughter and my dad (a retired teacher/coach).  My children have all done short “fun runs.”  We all run at different levels.   At one 5K race, I finished barely thirty seconds ahead of a nine year-old girl.  She finished only seconds ahead of a woman in her late forties.  Between the three of us, there were a few male finishers.  My point here is that age is not a factor, so you can lose that excuse.

Excuse #2:  I’ve never been a runner.

I’ve known several people who started running, but they had never run before in their life.  They have had someone who encouraged or mentored them through a 5K, and they continued running after realizing the benefit of it.  No experience necessary. 

My point is that anyone can start running.  You have to get it into your head that age/gender/size is not a factor. 

You can run!

Up next:  the second “W”

What do you think?

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