What do I need?

To recap the last two posts, we’ve talked about the who and the why of running.  It’s time to visit the third “W.”

“I think I want to run, but what do I need?”

I’m cheap.  I really don’t like to spend money, and I sure don’t like to spend it on myself.  One of my favorite parts about running is that it is inexpensive to get started.  I tend to go full force with new ideas and at times they fizzle out.  What I liked about running was the fact that I only needed to buy a couple of things in the beginning.  Then if it fizzled out, I wouldn’t feel guilty spending a bunch of money.

Just the basics

1.   A pair of running shoes

I bought my first pair at our local big box sporting goods store and ran my first 5K in them.  I spent $40.  They worked fine in the beginning and for what I needed them for.  Once I decided to run a half marathon, I went to a running store to get professionally fitted for a pair that could take the pounding of that training. 

2.  A basic technical top and shorts

If you’re new to running or getting back into fitness after a few years off, you’ll find that workout wear has changed.  This is a small investment that’s worth the money if you sweat.  Technical tops are made of material that wicks the sweat away from your body.  It’s fine to run in a cotton t-shirt, but I sweat and it’s not a pretty sight.  I don’t like the heaviness.  Then, find some shorts that you are comfortable wearing.  You can find technical wear just about anywhere that has an activewear section.   

3.   Stopwatch

Even if you don’t want to time yourself, it’s a good idea to have a way to keep track of progress.  Once again, don’t splurge.  A basic sport watch can be found for as little as $10.

4.   Water bottle

Hydration is important.  How much and how often depend on the individual and the climate, but make sure you follow each run with water.

So get ready with your gear, and next time we’ll talk about where to run.

What do you think?

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