Get a Plan!

How did the goal setting go?  I hope you’ve had some time to think about what you want to achieve with running, so now it’s time to get a plan.  As I stated in the last post, a quick internet search will turn up a multitude of training plans.  There are plans for runners, walkers, and those who want to do both, plans for beginners, intermediate, and advanced runners.  There are free plans and plans you can buy, and there are apps you can put on your smart phone to keep up with your training.

My recommendation would be to do a search and find a plan that looks comfortable in the beginning, but challenging toward the end.  I typed in “5K training schedule” in my internet search engine, and found a plethora of information.  Most of the plans I’ve seen in the past typically run for eight weeks with a 5K race at the end.  There are also some programs that will take longer, but they will build up your running from walking only, then walking/running together, and running.  I still search and work different plans depending on my race distance and goal race. 

So get busy and find a training plan that fits your goal!

What do you think?

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