A Lesson Learned

I’m usually pretty good about following a training schedule when I’m preparing for a race.¬† I run the number of days I should run, I cross train, and¬†rest.¬† That is, I rest as much as a mother of¬†four is allowed to rest.¬† So far, I haven’t had trouble with injuries and I’ve had¬†a steady improvement in my times over the last year and a half.

Last week I think I pushed the limits, and by Saturday evening I had a headache, tired feet, sore muscles, and a poor attitude.¬† My¬†Saturday morning¬†long run felt sluggish and poor.¬† That’s not how I wanted to go into the week before¬†a race.¬†

I think I figured out my problem. 

It was spring break which resulted in extra activity.¬† I added strength training to my routine back in¬†January, so not only did I do all my usual running and strength training, but I also added gardening, swimming, and a day at Six Flags.¬† I thought I was being smart cutting¬†my easy run on the Six Flags day, but it wasn’t enough.¬† So much for tapering.¬†

This week I’ve cut my running more, backed off my strength training, and of course (my favorite part) I’ve increased my carbohydrates.¬† Normally I wouldn’t sweat the details of the last week, but the half marathon I’m running tomorrow¬†is considered to be¬†one of the toughest halfs in Texas.¬†¬†

What was I thinking when I registered for that one?

Something New

This is a follow up to my last post on finding a race.¬† If you missed it, you can find it¬†here.¬† I hope you were able to find a date and race that interests you.¬† Post a comment and let me know what race you’re doing and when.¬†

In my search for a¬†5 or 10K that would work with my schedule, I ran across something different that interested me.¬† The date¬†of the¬†race I decided upon¬†is May 12th,¬†two weeks after the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon.¬† I’m hoping my legs will be back in working order by then.¬† It was the distance that lured me in (and the fact that I’ve done other races put on by the same group).¬†¬†This run is called the Five and Dime Run, which consists of a¬†five mile or ten mile race.¬† These are new distances for me, which would mean instant PR, but I had trouble deciding which one to do.¬†¬†As I was running my long run last Saturday morning (when I do my best thinking) I¬†decided upon the five mile race.¬† It will be a good kick off of a few months of¬†shorter races before I launch myself back into marathon training for the fall.

If you’re a more experienced runner looking for the challenge of running farther than a 5K¬†come join me.¬† I’d love some company.¬† If you haven’t found a race yet, keep searching.¬† You’ll find one that interests you.

Time to nail down the date!

Today is the day¬†to finally make a decision¬†to nail down your goal.¬† Thinking time is done.¬† You can wear yourself out just thinking about running, so we‚Äôre not going to do that anymore.¬† Let‚Äôs find a race.¬† How about a 5K?¬† It’s¬†3.1 miles, and¬†that seems to be the most popular distance to start with.¬† If that distance scares you, then search for a 5K that has a fun run.¬† These runs are considerably shorter in distance.

I‚Äôm going to make it a little easier on you¬†by telling you to¬†look for one that‚Äôs at least 8 weeks away, but don’t go out too much more.¬† If you live in Texas, the heat will scare you.¬†¬†Start your search, download the active.com app on your iphone, or google 5K races in your area.¬† Do what you can to find a race to register for.¬†

I will too.¬†¬†After posting a page¬†where I listed¬†my best times, I realized I need to run a 5K or a 10K pretty soon.¬† It’s been awhile.¬† Tonight, I’m going to find a race to register for in¬†April or May, so look for my update in the next few days.