Time to nail down the date!

Today is the day to finally make a decision to nail down your goal.  Thinking time is done.  You can wear yourself out just thinking about running, so we’re not going to do that anymore.  Let’s find a race.  How about a 5K?  It’s 3.1 miles, and that seems to be the most popular distance to start with.  If that distance scares you, then search for a 5K that has a fun run.  These runs are considerably shorter in distance.

I’m going to make it a little easier on you by telling you to look for one that’s at least 8 weeks away, but don’t go out too much more.  If you live in Texas, the heat will scare you.  Start your search, download the active.com app on your iphone, or google 5K races in your area.  Do what you can to find a race to register for. 

I will too.  After posting a page where I listed my best times, I realized I need to run a 5K or a 10K pretty soon.  It’s been awhile.  Tonight, I’m going to find a race to register for in April or May, so look for my update in the next few days.

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