A Lesson Learned

I’m usually pretty good about following a training schedule when I’m preparing for a race.  I run the number of days I should run, I cross train, and rest.  That is, I rest as much as a mother of four is allowed to rest.  So far, I haven’t had trouble with injuries and I’ve had a steady improvement in my times over the last year and a half.

Last week I think I pushed the limits, and by Saturday evening I had a headache, tired feet, sore muscles, and a poor attitude.  My Saturday morning long run felt sluggish and poor.  That’s not how I wanted to go into the week before a race. 

I think I figured out my problem. 

It was spring break which resulted in extra activity.  I added strength training to my routine back in January, so not only did I do all my usual running and strength training, but I also added gardening, swimming, and a day at Six Flags.  I thought I was being smart cutting my easy run on the Six Flags day, but it wasn’t enough.  So much for tapering. 

This week I’ve cut my running more, backed off my strength training, and of course (my favorite part) I’ve increased my carbohydrates.  Normally I wouldn’t sweat the details of the last week, but the half marathon I’m running tomorrow is considered to be one of the toughest halfs in Texas.  

What was I thinking when I registered for that one?

What do you think?

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