My Awkward Runner Moments

What do you do with those awkward moments as a runner? ¬†As I was running last night (see #1 below), I couldn’t help but smile and laugh to myself. ¬†I also have realized over time that the only people who can identify with these awkward moments are other runners. ¬†Here are a few I’ve noticed recently.

1. ¬†When this usual morning runner passed another runner in the opposite direction and nodded, “Good morning” only to realize it was six p.m. ¬†What do you say when you encounter someone after 10 in the morning? ¬†“Good afternoon” has too many syllables to huff out.

2. ¬†Toward the end of my last race, I tried to steadily move past another runner who had on headphones. ¬†I weaved to the left, so did he. ¬†I weaved to the right. ¬†I couldn’t believe it, but he did too! ¬†After the third weave to the left, and yes the other runner moved in front of me again, my attitude became a hybrid of irritable and comical. ¬†I finally moved on to the grass and surged ahead.

3. ¬†Passing another runner on a loop. ¬†The first pass – a smile, a nod, a hello. ¬†Second pass – maybe just a smile. ¬†What do I do with the third pass? ¬†Ignore them? ¬†Get distracted by my GPS? ¬†Laugh? ¬†Does this mean I’m running too many loops?

4. ¬†Then there’s the issue of ¬†trying to cross the street. ¬†No, I’m not the type of runner who runs in place waiting for a car to pass. ¬†I stand there and wait. ¬†Sometimes the car will slow and wave me on. ¬†Then I see a car coming from the other direction who isn’t slowing. ¬†So I stand there looking skeptical or rude.

5. ¬†And finally, the time I went on an early morning run and jumped over to the left of the path. ¬†What I thought was a tarantula on the edge of the path, actually turned out to be a pile of leaves gathered together. ¬†Yes, I’m a chicken. ¬†It wouldn’t have been so bad if there weren’t two walkers behind me.

What awkward moments have you had as a runner?