My Favorite Tips for Running in the Heat

It’s the beginning of July, and if you’re in Texas you’re guaranteed one thing.  Heat.  Not the “maybe I’ll break a sweat” heat, but it’s the “bring two towels because I’ll be drenched from sweat” kind of heat.

The temperatures are steadily creeping higher (earlier), so I’m thankful the kids are out of school right now.  I’ve been able to start my runs early.  Some mornings the humidity is awful, and my clothes are soaked.  I have increased what I bring to drink and try to remember to have  a supply of towels in the car.

What do I like best about these early morning runs?  

First, the obvious.  It is the coolest part of the day.  By starting earlier, I have been able to get more done each day.  I also discovered a whole new crowd at the park to say “good morning” to.  I was surprised at the number of people I saw so early, but I guess if the temps forced me there early, it would be that way for others.

There is a lot of information right now on staying cool in the heat, so I won’t spend time rehashing it here.  Basically, be smart, slow down, and hydrate.

But here are two tips I want to pass on that are very important to me:

1. Shower often 

2.  Launder frequently

My nine year-old greeted me after a run one day last week holding her nose. “P.U.  Mommy!  You’re really stinky!”

Never underestimate truth from a child.

What do you think?

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