Kicking off Dallas Marathon Training

Today, I began my 16-week training program to run the Dallas Marathon on December 9th. I kicked it off with a 5 mile run of mostly hills on my road. In the past two weeks, I have been studying different training plans, and yesterday I made my final decision.

I felt like I was standing in front of the dessert table at a buffet.  All the plans looked challenging, with a variety of runs to keep me from getting bored. I wanted to make sure I had enough challenge to push myself to a faster finish, but not so many miles that I would inflict injury. Just like the dessert table, I knew there was one that would be better for my body than the others. I just hope that’s the plan I chose.

As I was poring over the training plan, I got excited, yes, a little geeked-out over the prospect of what my legs will cover over the next 16 weeks. There will be a few weeks where I will run more miles in a week than I ever have.

That’s a great feeling, whether you run five miles or fifty. When you do something you never thought possible, take time to revel in the accomplishment. That’s the beauty of running.

What level are you ready to take your running to this fall? Have you finished a 5K? Are you ready to move up to a half marathon? I ran Dallas in 2010 for my first half, so I’m a little partial to the distance. Most half marathon training plans are for 12 weeks, so you have a little time to get your mind frame ready.

I’ll be posting on my progress along the way, and I’d love to hear about yours. Just remember: whatever your goal, whatever your plan, make sure to enjoy the process.

3 thoughts on “Kicking off Dallas Marathon Training

  1. “I felt like I was standing in front of the dessert table at a buffet” Ooh I know this feeling. Too bad that it’s way easier to try all the desserts than it is to try all training plans.

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