Running My First 40-Mile Week

I hit a milestone with my running last week. I always try to take time – no matter what is going on in my life – to let the challenges I meet resonate with me.

I finished up week 9 of my marathon training plan with the highest mileage I have ever run. The most I had up until this point was 38.95 when I was training for Oklahoma City, and that in April.

After Saturday’s long run, I hurt from my neck down to my toes. But I took a moment to congratulate myself on the 41.2 miles I ran all week. I’ve come a long way in two and a half years.

It’s perfectly acceptable to pat yourself on the back. Make sure you take time to notice – and be proud of – the milestones you pass in runner. Whether it’s your first mile with no walking, running your first 5K, or your first 20 miler, enjoy the progress.




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