I don’t know if it’s a new year, the colder temperatures, or the desire to run a marathon time I know I’m capable of, but my running motivation has been high in the last few weeks. After my disappointing time in the Dallas marathon, I took a couple of weeks to ease back into training, working a plan and goals for the next race.

The desire to go for a run has never been an issue for me. Running is my self-esteem boost, aids my lack of discipline in the food area, and releases my creative energy. Many blog posts, tweets, Facebook posts, and story ideas have been formed in the middle of a run.

I run five times a week, cross train once a week on the stationary bike, and work my core twice a week. I am reading whatever I can get my hands to ensure a more successful marathon in February. With a friend of mine, we were discussing our different training goals, and I talked about how I was working on speed with distance during long runs. She said, “You’re very driven.”

I guess that’s what keeps pushing me to want to do better. I am constantly changing my goals and plans in my progression as a runner. I find new challenges to keep me going, new races to break up the monotony of training schedules, and ideas to push myself to be a better runner, a better wife, a better parent, and in turn a better person.

But there’s still one area where I’m seeming to lack discipline. I did well for a week or so, and now I’ve teetered off the edge.

Would someone please help me find a way to stay out of the kitchen after dinner? The snack attacks are killing my nutrition goals. Sure, peanut butter is healthy, but not by spoonfuls straight out of the jar. Raisins and Multigrain Cheerios are good for me, but probably not in multiple handfuls…

I may have to buy all prepackaged snacks to keep this little monster at bay.

So what drives you as a runner?

What do you think?

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