My Fastest 20


Yesterday, I ran my longest long run in preparation for the Cowtown Marathon next month. Since my last marathon, I have evaluated what I need to change in my training. I have some speed (in my age group) at the 5k and 10k level, and I have become more efficient at maintaining a faster pace in the half marathon. I also have endurance. I have completed three marathons in a little over a year. I just need to get the two (speed and endurance) together.



Since I only had a little over two months between marathons, I pulled together my own training plan to work on my speed and distance together. Yesterday, I tried a different tactic for my long run. I also might add that I decided to do this about 10 minutes before my run.


The temperatures were warmer than they have been (55-60s), and it was sunny. I have added electrolyte tablets to my water to work on my hydration, and I also had some carbs with added sodium. Dehydration was not going to be my problem. My plan was to tackle the mental aspect.


My goal time for the Cowtown Marathon is 4:15, which is a 9:43 pace. Yesterday, I ran the first 5 miles at 9:55 pace, the second 5 miles were 9:50, the third quarter was done at a 9:45 pace. For miles 15-19, I ran about 9:40, and the last mile was about 9:32. Overall, my pace averaged out to about 9:47. That was a confidence builder I needed, especially with the warmer temperatures. Usually for runs over 13 miles, I end up gradually slowing my pace. Not this time. It helped that I only looked at my pace and distance in 5 mile increments. It was more manageable that way. I wasn’t discouraged by the total amount, I just took it five miles at a time.





I know there’s a 4:15 marathon in me. I just need the chance to prove it to myself. February 24th will be that day.

What mental tricks work for you?









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