Getting Ready for Cowtown

I’m in my taper week for the Cowtown marathon this Sunday, and I should be excited and well rested. But instead, I feel tired. I was going to run this morning, but decided to go back to bed. I haven’t really followed a plan since the Dallas marathon, but I’ve done my own training based on what I’ve studied. So far, it seems to be working okay. I did set a seven minute PR in my last half marathon.

This week is where the mental part of the training comes in. I will start to question myself, my training schedule, and my abilities. I will probably have a few times where I think I didn’t do enough long runs – and maybe I didn’t. But I know I can run the distance. I’ve done it before. I know I can manage the pace. I ran my fastest twenty miler last month – in warm temperatures. This is just the mental test, that comes with the extra time on my hands due to reduced mileage.

As of right now, the forecast for Sunday in Fort Worth is not my ideal racing climate. But on Sunday, I will follow my plan. No matter how great I feel, I will stick to the pacing plan from my twenty miler. I want to be able to write about a great marathon, where the only tears I have will be from meeting my race goals.

Goals for Cowtown:

Miles 1-5 at 9:55 pace

Miles 6-10 at 9:50 pace

Miles 11-15 at 9:45 pace

Miles 16-20 at 9:40 pace

Miles 21-26 – I will use whatever I have left in the tank (hopefully under 9:40 pace)

Finish time goal: 4:15:00

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