Just a few thoughts from Monday

Two days later, and I would still feel frivolous writing about anything but the Boston Marathon. There’s nothing I feel I can say that hasn’t already been said, but I wanted to put my thoughts into words, if only to remind myself of how I feel.

Qualifying for and running Boston is a dream of mine. Monday morning was my Super Bowl, and I was excited for all who were running. As the events unfolded, my joy turned to pain. My heart ached for runners, spectators, volunteers – all who were there.

From all that I’ve read, I can say this: I’m proud to be part of the running community. I will not be timid to say that I’m a marathoner. I will continue to strive toward my goal of qualifying for Boston.

I will stand at the start of the Oklahoma City marathon on April 28, and I will run it with my heart. I’m sure it will be a run to remember.



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