Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon 2013

It’s been three days since Sunday’s marathon, and my body is still reminding me I am in recovery. My quads and calves have been compressed, foam rolled, self-massaged, and rubbed down with Ben-Gay. My legs still cry every time I stand up.

This was my second year to run the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon. Both years the weather affected my performance, but this time, I went with a “no PR” attitude. It was about what the race represents. This race was set up to remember the ones killed in the bombing of the federal building in 1995. With the bombing in Boston just two weeks before, it was a run to remember for two reasons.

A movement within the running community encouraged runners to wear red socks to remember Boston and green laces for Oklahoma City. The green laces are part of the fundraising for the race. The turnout I saw along the course was amazing. The groups of  firefighters walking the half course in their full gear is enough to choke anyone up. I was also impressed by the many inspirational shirts I see along the course. Many were running to remember someone, and there were shirts for Boston. The most memorable for me had three lines printed across the back:

Run for Oklahoma City 1995

Run for NYC 2001

Run for Boston 2013

I won’t spend a lot of time on this post talking about my race. I’m still tackling running well in rising temperatures. I did have a great time and I plan to go back again next year.

Dick Beardsley at the race expo

Dick Beardsley at the race expo


Start corral with two friends from our running group

Start corral with two friends from our running group


Finish photo with part of the memorial behind me

Finish photo with part of the memorial behind me

My time? Well, I don’t know how I did this, but I was seven seconds faster than I was last year. Those last six miles get me every time!

I can say with absolute certainty, I am ready to take a break from marathon training. Three marathons within five months was time consuming. A break from three hour long runs will be welcome. I’m looking forward to running some 5 and 10ks this summer.

What’s a favorite race for you that is not based on PRs?




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