Taking a Break from Training

I’m enjoying my break from marathon training so far, and have been able to do some different things with my fitness. My seven year-old wants to run a 5K, so we’re looking at a race on July 4th.

I ran with him a couple of times last week. The first day he wanted to run for 15 minutes, but after 10 I could tell he was tired. I asked him if he wanted to stop at 10.

He said, “No, I want to run 15. I have good lungs.”

My Saturday long run was 8.25 miles and it felt great. I ran with another runner from our local group. We chatted the entire time. It was nice for me not to look at my pace, and to start a long run in the daylight and still finish in the breakfast hour. When I got back home, the kids were just barely getting out of bed.

On Mother’s Day, we went to the park. It was a beautiful day. The two youngest have been asking to run with me at the park. They lasted a minute, then dashed off to the swings.

photo (19)My husband took them for a walk while I ran a few miles.

More silliness at the park

More silliness at the park

I enjoyed stopping to walk a bit with them – not constrained by number of miles, pace, or training plan.

This Saturday, I will run my first 5K of the year in my hometown. The last 5K I ran was last August. I’m looking forward to it, not just because it’s a short race but because of what the race represents. I’ll elaborate on that more with my race recap next week.

Have a great week!



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