How to Set a PR in July


Yes, I know, I’m still behind on posting my race recaps. I have valid excuses reasons though. In my last post I wrote about moving and remodeling. It has been more extensive than I thought and the weeks have flown past. Expect to see more regular posting in the future because we now have DSL! After using dial-up and then an air card for the past seven years, I feel like I’ve moved out of the dark ages. I couldn’t be more excited! No more firing up the laptop and waiting to connect.

But this is a running blog, so I should move back to my topic.

How do you set a PR in July? (Especially in Texas)

Run a new-to-you distance. Instant PR no matter what the weather conditions are like. I chose to do the Too Hot to Handle 15k in Dallas. The price was great and it included a finisher’s shirt and a medal. I don’t know how I’ve managed to miss doing a 15k with my three years of running, but the distance was perfect. It is a nice sorta long race.

Fortunately for the runners at this race, the weather conditions were outstanding for July. Overcast, rainy, and cooler temperatures. It was great. The only part about the race I didn’t like was the parking issue. It was at White Rock Lake in Dallas, an area I’ve run several races at but have never had to drive myself to. This time I was on my own, and of course I got turned around and ended up in a traffic jam. I made it to the start with 10 minutes to spare. That wasn’t enough for the porta potty line. If there is one thing runners need to improve on, it is the speed at which a porta potty line moves. Really.

Beautiful conditions for a July race!

Beautiful conditions for a July race!

I held on to my pace pretty well for the first 4-5 miles. I had a slowdown in there for a few miles, then picked back up toward the end. And there was a port-potty stop for me along the course. Darn those long lines at the start. It was probably not the fastest I could have done a 15k in, but with all I’ve had going on this summer, I was pleased with my effort and my time (minus the approximately 2 minute pit stop).

The Swag Photo

Another plus for the month of July was that I celebrated three years from my first training run on July 26, 2010. I love looking back to see how I’ve progressed. That first run was a twelve minute struggle, but I persevered. If you haven’t started running yet, what’s stopping you? I started my training in the middle of a Texas summer. Now running is a part of who I am.


Do you keep a running log to track progress?

Has running become a part of you or do you struggle to find a way to do it?



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