My 2013 Goal Progress

Towards the end of each December, I start to evaluate the goals I set for the year and where I stand. This helps me to know what to strive for in the next year, and keeps me from sitting around on my rear doing nothing. I am strong believer in setting specific goals in all areas of my life. Running is no exception.

So I wrote this post with my goals for 2013, and what I thought was a wash (because of my recent cancelled marathon) is actually just one small piece of the [goal] pie. Anyway, it’s the big picture that matters. With just a few short weeks left to go in the year, I can see that I’ve met at least two of my five goals.

1. Half marathon time goal of 1:55:00: I set my current PR of 1:52:08 back in February.

2. Focus on nutrition: I have made huge strides in this area. A few weeks ago I wrote about the first time I have trained for a marathon without gaining weight.

I am trying to decide if I will be able to complete my 2000 mile goal for the year. I’m currently sitting at 1860. I did have an injury in the summer, and some ice days that thwarted running plans for several days. Not to mention the funk I settled into last weekend when I didn’t feel like running more than 3 or 4 miles for a few days. Those also sound like excuses to me, so I’m going to see what I can knock out for the rest of the year. It would  mean heavy mileage during the next two weeks, but could be good for those holiday treats. Click here or on the daily mile widget on my homepage to follow my progress.

In order to continue with the strength training, I have done better overall with my strength training, but there are still weeks that I completely miss it. Yesterday, I started a 30 day “plank a day” challenge. I decided to add a daily wall-sit to this challenge as well.

I’m not going to worry about the sub 4:10 marathon goal since my December marathon was iced out. I’m looking to knock it out of the park in Houston in January.

Over the next week, I’ll start finalizing my 2014 goals. The first half of the year looks pretty busy and I’m excited about it.

Did you set goals for 2013? How’s your progress?


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