Chunky Monkey

It took me just a few days to come off of my race high from the Houston Marathon and land smack down in a deep pool of degradation. After tapering for one marathon I didn’t get to run (Dallas) and overdoing the Christmas goodies in the month of December, the wheels came off of my nutrition plan for the most of January. With another taper and a carbo-load for Houston, I was sick of eating refined grains (bagels) and processed foods (s’mores for the kids). I have not been able to fit into my good jeans since before Christmas, so I decided that Tuesday would be the day to cut the sugar (added and artificial). I have a friend on day 12 of a sugar detox so I know it can be done, but I have several races coming up this month and I know I need the energy. I just wanted to take a few days to get the cravings out of my system and clean up my habits. This would mean no Diet Coke either which is a huge deal for me. I have been trying to quit drinking Diet Coke for a while, but I eventually cave.

A few days ago, I started jokingly calling myself chunky monkey. I even said this to my husband a few times to intensify my efforts. He always tells me to quit it. I tend to go through times where I’m so hard on myself. I can be disciplined during the day until late afternoon when I lose self-control for the rest of the night. I could go to bed an hour earlier and save about 300 calories a day. Then I berate myself about my weakness. This past week I was even tougher on myself because I was trying to recover (i.e. little to no running)and I was hungry all the time. It didn’t help for me to watch me cross the finish line video and see my race photos. I am my worst critic.

Today we had beautiful spring like temperatures and I headed out for my longest run of the week. I was running in shorts, not weighted down by my handheld or Gu, and I felt light on my feet.



One of my favorite things about running is that it clears my head and helps me think straight. It hit me that I had not taken the time to truly revel in my best marathon. I am now running faster than I ever have in my life, and so what if I have a few extra pounds from Christmas. It obviously didn’t affect my pace. So why was I continually putting myself down over a few pounds? I can’t take it off in a day, and overall my eating is healthier than even a year ago. Yes, I have big goals and nutrition is an important part of that, but if I can be disciplined enough to get up at 4:30 on a weekday morning to go run, surely I can overcome an evening snack fest.

So here are the positives I’m focusing on in an effort to lift myself up:

  • I went without a Diet Coke from Tuesday-Friday. I did reward myself over the weekend.
  • I had little to no added or artificial sugars on Tuesday and Wednesday, and only on one meal Thursday evening. I can’t pass up a date night with my husband.
  • My teenage daughter asked me to run with her Wednesday evening. Even with sore legs, I was not going to turn her down. We ran a mile together.
  • I have had enough rest this week that my passion for running is even stronger. I’m looking forward to the races I have scheduled in the next couple of months.

I’m running the Texas Half next week to kick off my February races. This month will be a whirlwind, but I’m going to do my best to keep progress/updates coming on a regular basis.

Have a great week!

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