It’s a Family Thing

After my finish at the Houston Marathon, my husband (who has been at every start and finish of my seven marathons) told me: “I’m getting a bike for the next race. I don’t want to sit at the start and finish anymore. I want to be out on the course.” Or something like that. In my defense, I was in my post-race euphoria.

Last Saturday, we finally had the opportunity to go bike shopping.


While I’m working on building my mileage back up for Oklahoma City, he’s spending his time getting his legs ready too. I had my first double-digit run since Cowtown on Saturday. I pushed myself more since I was with the running group. I think it was good for me with a half marathon in two weeks.



Our teenage daughter who wants to go with us to OKC had to have a bike too. The eight year old has outgrown his. The 11 year old’s bike was bent before the move. So yesterday, we shopped to replace bikes. With the nicer weather this week, they are all wanting to ride now.


Go Big or Go Home

While all won’t be riding around Oklahoma City – thank goodness – I’m pleased that we found something everyone seems to enjoy together.

We were outdoors yesterday so they could break in their new bikes, and my 11 year-old said, “Mom, where’s your bike?”

“She doesn’t have one.” My eight year old replied.

Time to start saving my pennies.

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