A Busy Weekend

After my big news on Friday, I got up Saturday morning to head to the Fairview Half and 5k to work on one of my 2014 goals –  volunteering for races.

I was originally assigned to the finish line, but a last minute cancellation required a course monitor for the 5k. So I parked my car on the shoulder of the road just past the second mile marker.

This was my view:


The hardest part  was trying to find the right words to call out to the runners. “Great job!” “You’re looking great!” “Less than a mile to go!”

After the sweeper bike came through and told me I could go, I drove to the finish area.

Seeing the winners of the half marathon come across, I realized I’ve never watched the finish of a race, because I’m always running in it. I was taken aback by how effortlessly they seemed to finish. They looked so smooth and poised – no posture issues there. It was so motivating, I was almost jealous and ready to take off running. I knew several from my running group who were running the race, and I enjoyed seeing PRs, age group wins, and finish line accomplishments. As I continued watching runners finish, I saw several with tears, lots of hugs, and smiles all around.

I point back to the name of this blog. I truly believe that anyone can run, whether that means running or walking the race, volunteering, or cheering. Anyone can be a part.

Then there are the other perks of volunteering:



On Sunday, I cranked out my longest long run for Oklahoma City. It was cool and rainy, but this was my only shot to get it done. I’ve said it before: You don’t get to choose your weather for race day. I pushed my pace more because of the rain, spending the middle 10 miles near race pace. The last five started to slow down, and I was afraid I was getting a blister on my foot. Anyway, this was my fastest 20 miler to date – in spite of the rain.


There’s a sub 4 marathon in me somewhere.



(Don’t forget to vote. You can do it once a day every day until April 18th)


I spent what was left of my day with achy legs and most of the night and the next day dealing with a stomach virus my children were kind enough to share. That’s one way to lose a few pounds, but not recommended.


Have you ever volunteered for a race?

What about being a spectator?



5 thoughts on “A Busy Weekend

  1. Last year I volunteered for the gran fondo packet pick up and it was awesome meeting the bikers and share their enthusiasm as they were looking forward to the ride. Plan to do more volunteering this year too.

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