Highs and Lows

Wow, my last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of activity! The day after I posted my big news about being a finalist for Team Chocolate Milk, (don’t forget you can still vote once a day until Friday the 18th) I got an email notifying me of this news.


I cannot even begin to explain how elated I was to find out I was one of the 10 chosen to be a race ambassador for the 2015 Houston Marathon. I am honored, humbled, and overwhelmed with joy. As I told my husband, “I am not fast, I don’t look like a runner, and I’m not popular. I am humbled that I’ve been given this opportunity.” His response was “I think you’re all the above.” Yes, he’s a keeper.

You’ll be hearing more about the Houston Marathon in upcoming posts. I highly recommend checking out the registration information which will open up soon.

With this whirlwind of activity, I still needed to focus on my training for Oklahoma City – less than two weeks to go. I want to be ready to break four hours if the weather is right. Spring has officially arrived in North Texas, and for a few days last week I trained in heat and mad south winds.  The first few runs in the heat are the toughest, and even nailing marathon pace was a struggle. Some of that struggle may have been recovering from the stomach bug though. Saturday’s long run was tough. My stomach was out of sorts, and it was humid. I ran with a couple of Texoma Runners (our running group), and it was nice to chat and have the distraction from pushing my pace. My time wasn’t great, but I know that marathon training has its highs and lows. Neither will be a predictor of finish time on race day. A lot can happen in 26.2 miles (or 26.45 by my Garmin).

I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening working in my yard planting shrubs and flowers. My daughter made dinner and my husband bought me a treat because I was working so hard.

IMG_4547 IMG_4548


I told you he was a keeper.

This week, we’re having a little blast of winter with a freeze warning in effect for tomorrow morning.

Texas weather.

Who knows what race day will be like for Oklahoma City.

To everyone running the Boston Marathon next week, have a great race and enjoy the experience! It’s so exciting seeing all the activity on social media. I hope to be running it in 2016 – so I should probably lay off the Blue Bell some.



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