What’s Next?

Recovery weeks are good for me. Once the soreness from the race has faded, I start to get excited about my plans with running. I enjoy taking the time to rest, and once my appetite has settled down from the marathon, I’m not constantly thinking about food.

Before Oklahoma City, I started formulating my general plan for summer – my marathon off-season. I have a pretty big goal that I want to accomplish this fall/winter. It’s going to require some changes  and hard work.

I want to qualify for the Boston Marathon.

I know this is going to take a lot of work and I’m not scared to work hard. I mean, come on, I have four kids. But I have to admit, I’m a little nervous about putting all this effort into something and failing. So I’m just going to put that fear out there. Now it’s time for action.

I started last week by taking recovery seriously. I let my legs rest with three days of running and low mileage. I also started to work on my nutrition. That’s been my downfall and I think it’s the key to my succeeding in this goal. I’ll focus more on the specifics later, but right now I’m trying to get rid of the marathon weight gain. I feel like a salad bowl because I’ve eaten so many vegetables.

I will focus on strength and speed to get my training paces down some more. I started an eight week strength routine, so when marathon training officially starts, I’ll be ready.

Speaking of marathons, don’t forget you can early register for the Houston Marathon beginning at midnight tonight if you meet certain time qualifications. Here’s the link with all the info. If you’re wondering what the big deal is, you can revisit my post about it from January. It was a great race that I’m excited to go back to. Since I’m one of the race ambassadors, you will definitely be hearing more about it in the coming months.

For another piece of good news, if you voted for me for Team CHOCOLATE MILK, thank you! I received enough votes to become part of the team. Last week I submitted my eligibility paperwork and now I’m just waiting on my gear.

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