Sweatin’ in my Oldies

This morning I set off on my usual comfortably paced run. The weather was pretty much a repeat of last week: 76 degrees, 80% humidity. That’s why I was surprised to feel 20 pounds heavier this morning. It sucked the breath right out of me! Was I running with a pack on my shoulders? My energy was depleted before the first quarter-mile. I wanted to turn around, but if I’m going to need a shower, I’m going to get a few miles.

What really threw me was yesterday. I rode the stationary bike for 45 minutes, then ran outside for 30 minutes. At 1:00 pm.  I was running an easy pace and sweating, but I felt good. I felt light on my feet. At 1:00 pm!

But this morning, I was knocked down and reminded to lower my expectations. Tough runs show up at unexpected moments.

So for the next few months when I look like I’m swimming instead of running, I’ll do these things:

1. Hydrate. Water is good, but I’m a heavy sweater. My go-to is Nuun to replace electrolytes. You can use whatever sports drink works for you, but I like the Nuun flavors, and it’s easier on my stomach during a run.


2. Pull out the pit-stained older tech tops. Save the good stuff for cooler days, like November. You say you don’t have sweat stains? Okay, sure. Meanwhile, you’ll see me sweating it out in my Dallas 2010 half marathon finisher shirt. Once upon a time it was white. I’ll spare you a photo.

3. A note from the book I’m reading which may or may not be my marathon plan. 🙂 More on that in a later post.

from Hansons Marathon Method by Luke Humphrey with Keith & Kevin Hanson

from Hansons Marathon Method by Luke Humphrey with Keith & Kevin Hanson

So basically, get out and run in it.

3. And this.


Cooler days will come, and the pay off for slogging through the heat and humidity with them. We’ll feel like we’re flying!

2 thoughts on “Sweatin’ in my Oldies

  1. Is that true about a trained athlete not sweating as much? I hope so because I sweat a lot and it would be nice to look forward to being more comfortable as I increase my training.

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