Marathon Training and Warnings

Wednesday morning, dark and early, I will take the first run of my training plan for the Dallas Marathon. Because of my big goal, I’ve been working [mostly] all summer to lose weight, build strength, and gain speed.

Last week I took a break.

I cut back on my mileage, logging some slower paced 3 & 4 milers. I finally finished painting the laundry room and the workout room, and I didn’t worry about my eating habits. I indulged in some escapism first by watching an entire season of Downton Abbey, then reading Divergent. A note about me: I believe a good writer is a reader, and I must read the book before I watch the movie. I also like to read Young Adult fiction.

Then I celebrated a milestone.


Best Carrot Cake Ever!

Best Carrot Cake Ever!

I am now in a new age group. Hey there, 40.

The mental break was nice, but now I’m ready for structure.


My plan will be challenging. For sure.

I will follow this for the Dallas Marathon, and see how I progress. If it’s not a great day, Houston will be my shot to BQ.

Just so I don’t alienate those around me, I made a list of what to expect from me over the next several months.

1. Early bedtime. I do not plan to answer calls, email, or texts after 9 pm.  Getting enough sleep is a problem for me, so this is an accountability statement. If you see me post on social media, call me out. 🙂

2. I will eat. All the time. Please don’t give me funny looks when I go for seconds at dinner – especially dessert.

3. Meal plan and shop for groceries once a week.  My kids will be okay eating grilled cheese once in a while – or once a week.

4. I will not check out books from the library, because I will forget to turn them in on time.

5. I will undoubtedly forget something I was asked to do, bring, or make.

Please forgive my training brain. There will be weeks when I have it together, and times I’m dropping balls all over the place.

So, gulp – it’s time to get started.



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