Making Adjustments

So my training must be eating up my brain, because I’ve had several post ideas throughout the last few days. Now that I have time to sit at the computer to type it out, my brain is blank.

There’s been a lot of marathon excitement this month. I revisited this list.

My marathon wish list

My marathon wish list

But first, I need to graduate a child who has a crazy schedule during the fall thanks to marching band. Then I get a year off before the next child starts. So I’m going to enter all the lotteries for Fall 2016 – NYC, Marine Corps, and Chicago. Does anyone else have a list like this?

This is where my training is with less than 3 weeks to my next half marathon, 7 to go for the Dallas marathon, and then another 5 weeks after that for Houston.

I adjusted my training paces to match training for a 3:45 marathon. I previously planned to train for 3:40 which I hoped would help me land under the 3:45 needed to qualify for Boston. Since I haven’t seen the gains in speed from summer that I hoped (and we haven’t had much in the way of fall weather) I don’t want to set myself up for failure. Although 3:45 is still pretty ambitious. (My PR is 4:02:03 from Houston last year.)

I’m going to test my fitness at the half marathon, and move on from there. Last week, I nailed the prescribed paces for all three workouts, but my hardest run was the “easy” 7 miles the day after the tempo. How is it that my hardest run was one of the shortest?

This week didn’t get off to the best start though. I didn’t hit close enough to the pace to feel confident. I know the effort was there, but I think my legs were still tired from the 16 on Saturday. Last week was my highest mileage week so far. The cumulative fatigue in this plan is real. My legs are chronically sore, but I’m going to trust the training and keep pushing forward.

Meanwhile, I’m getting pretty tired of running in the dark.

By the light of the headlamp

By the light of the headlamp

I have been looking forward to my weekends runs for three reasons:

1) After solo miles, a group run on Saturday is the best.

2)Vitamin D – I get to run with the sunrise.

3)I get to sleep in.

Wait, when did 5:30 become sleeping in???

Also, after November 7th, marching band season is done and I get my early Friday night bedtime back. Yay!

Yes, I know. My life is so exciting.

On that note, tomorrow is rest day and I’m going to celebrate by going to bed.

What do you think?

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