Moving On (How I Manage Post-Race Blues)

Last week the post-race blues set in…

marathon meme

…, along with my aching quads that kept me from getting out of a chair in a normal manner. I honestly thought the Houston Marathon would be my PR race for the year, so even though there are other events on the horizon, I feel like I’m working on next year. But that’s ok too.

Fortunately, after two days of active recovery on the stationary bike followed by a rest day, I was ready for a short run on the treadmill by Thursday. My energy level was good and my motivation was back. I didn’t push the pace, but ran an easy pace for three miles after a warmup walk. Recovery was priority as I focused on nutrition. Again. I’m happy to report that I made it through the entire week on track. I could stand to lose the few extra pounds I was carrying for 26.2 miles. I also spent some time formulating my goals for the coming year, trying to decide how to handle training for the next few weeks specifically.

You see, I have another marathon coming up on March 1st.


To some, it may not look like I have the best approach to marathons, but I have found what works for me so far. I don’t run well in warm weather. I don’t run well in humid weather. I live in Texas. The weather changes all the time. In winter, we wear tank tops one day and long sleeves with tights the next. The chances of me running a marathon (in Texas) in humid or warm weather is pretty high. Last week in Houston was the best race day weather I’ve had.

I say all this to justify my marathon season. I like to have contingent races in case of bad weather, an off day, and just because I like to support the races that are close. I did decide against going to Oklahoma City this year though. The past three years the weather has not been kind to me. I’m going to take a break from marathons after March 1st, until it’s time to start training again in the fall.

Maybe Cowtown won’t be a PR race. It may even be slower than the last two, but I’m going to go have fun with it anyway. My running friend is doing the half so we’re going to run together until the split. Also, my dad’s running his first half marathon then. At age 65! I’m a little excited.

So while I continue to work on my plan to reach big goals for next year, I’m going to take the pressure off of myself and relax a bit. This Sunday I’m running a half marathon in Dallas. I don’t know if I’ll try to race or just take it easy. Only time will tell.

Have a great week!

2 thoughts on “Moving On (How I Manage Post-Race Blues)

  1. All the cool kids are running Cowtown, I want to be a follower and do it too! I say if you can safely train and recover enough to train again then lump them all in together! Our crazy weather really limits the time we have to run these races. I hope you have a great training cycle!

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