The Crazies – Cowtown Race Week

So this is how my race week started:


Let me introduce you to our version of a “snow day” in North Texas, which consisted of just enough freezing rain and sleet (and no snow) to make the roads a mess and close all schools in the vicinity. For two days.

This is the current forecast for Fort Worth, which is a little better. I was starting to have 2013 Dallas Marathon flashbacks. Although, it would be nice for the rain part to move out.


Of course Sunday would say “warmer”


On one hand, I’ve enjoyed the extra time at home. I’ve been able to catch up on some sleep which was soooooooo needed! For the past couple of months I have been so tired. Without going too much in detail, my 18 year old son (who moved out in August) moved back home right before Christmas. With that change, my early bedtimes disappeared and multiple sleep interruptions began. I wake up every single time he comes up the stairs and goes into the kitchen. He wants to stay up all night and eat. Of course, with two teenagers in the house, sleep is a precious commodity anyway. Just in case you thought once they sleep through the night it gets better. I hope we’re just going through a phase.  Anyway, the past two days at home changed my tired, worn out mood as quickly as the weather changes in Texas. I have been staying in bed until 7, relaxing and taking my time to start the day. It’s a pleasant change from jumping out of bed at 5 and dashing out the door to run before time to get the kids up for school.

The combination of tapering and snow days have me full of energy. My kids are probably ready to go back to school so they won’t have to do any more house work. I even emptied the laundry basket – which meant I actually folded the sheets that have been in there since November. Yay me! Little known fact: I hate folding sheets so much that we wash the ones on the bed and put them back on. The sheets in the basket were replaced with flannel sheets back in November. Folded just in time to put back on the bed next month. We also hung a few things on the wall, rearranged and uncluttered our bedroom and I helped a 12 year old make replacement pom-poms for a hat.

On the downside, I hope I’m not depleting my energy too much for race day with the stir-crazies. I’ve done two short runs on the treadmill and tomorrow will be a rest day. At this moment, it looks like school will be in session and I’ll be back to work on Wednesday. I’ll run short again on Thursday, and hopefully it will be outside.

Whether taper crazy or stir crazy, I am happy to report I am going into race week for Cowtown feeling rested, healthy, and ready to run a marathon.

The plan for Sunday is to run with my friend, who’s running the half, until the split which is between miles 10 and 11. I’m looking forward to this because we usually run most of our long runs together. I would like to shoot for a four-hour marathon again, but my main goals are to have fun and smile. My husband will be darting around on his bike, so hopefully that will pull me along in the latter miles. Also, my dad will be running his first half marathon on Sunday at Cowtown. I can’t wait to hear about his race!








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