My Run Break

As I wrote in my last post, I decided to take a run-break for a week or two. Not only to give my foot a chance to fully heal, but also to break up my training and (hopefully) make some fitness gains. Last week tested every bit of my resolve not to run, but I sure came close.

The first two days, my husband was sick. The kind of illness that had me awake every hour the first night and sleeping on the couch the second one. Tuesday afternoon, our new dryer was delivered – the 16 year old one quit the week before. On Wednesday evening, when I was trying to catch up the laundry, the washer quit midway through the cycle. Wouldn’t drain. Wouldn’t spin. It’s less than two years old. I didn’t sleep much that night either. The rest of the week was pretty rough too. One word: teenager. By Friday night, I don’t think a 16 mile run would’ve relieved the built up stress. Emotional eating, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, and I was feeling blah. Thank goodness my favorite gelato only comes in a pint.

Saturday was better. I slept in and missed the 7 am group run. My husband and I headed out on our bikes once the sun was up. We toured the downtown area before the roads were busy.


Don’t forget to hydrate!


On Sunday, I wanted to test my speed and distance. I headed out on a country road and made a 12 mile loop. I found out what it was like to continually stay in motion on a bike for an hour. My legs were tired, and my seat was sore but I needed it. My mind needed it.

Post-ride Recovery

Post-ride Recovery

After doing yard work on both Saturday and Sunday, my foot didn’t feel any better from the run break.

Monday, after the Boston Marathon, my motivation was so high I went for a three mile run. My break was over after 8 days. My foot doesn’t hurt while I’m running – up to a certain point, but it bothers me late in the day usually. I’ve tried all the remedies for plantar fasciitis because every indication points that direction. It’s just not going away. Sigh. I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow and an Airrosti appointment on Friday to see what’s up.

How is your running going? Any races coming up? Fill me in!


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