Heroes of Midlothian 5k – Year 3

For the third year, I drove to my hometown to run the Heroes of Midlothian 5k. Here’s some background on the race in my first year recap.

This race is put on by several of my high school classmates, and I believe in what they’re doing and raising money for. You can read more about the Foundation, Chris Kyle, Lyle Gordon and others here. Since we have a lot of activities going on this time of year (end of year, band concerts, prom, etc.) I can’t volunteer, but I run the race. My dad has also done the race every year, but this year was the first time my mom did. Her first 5k (which she walked pretty darn fast) was last September. Since then, her doctor cleared her to add in running breaks, so this was her 2nd race to do that. She is really having a blast watching her times go down, and I think she covered more miles than I did last month.


I lowered the bar on my expectations since my last bit of speed work was the Radio Run in March. The one time since that I tried to do a few faster miles caused my foot to flare up.

So I stood in the start area with all the other runners having no idea what pace I was going to run. I thought anything close to 25:00 would be excellent for where I am in rebuilding. Patience. Progress.

The race starts with the Patriot Guard Riders. I eased in at a comfortable pace. My first mile (after weaving around kids who haven’t learned the art of pacing) was just under 8:00. I didn’t feel like I had gone out too fast and I was testing my foot. It seemed okay, so I picked up a bit in the second mile. Even with the hill, it was 7:52. Then right after that, my legs felt like bricks. Whoosh! My energy was gone. I don’t know what happened or if it was just my body’s way of responding to lack of speed training. That last mile was a booger. The humidity started to weigh me down too. But as I made the last turn, some of my high school friends were cheering for me. It was a reminder of those track meets doing 8 laps for the 3200 meters. Only this time I didn’t feel like a turtle. My pace for the last 1.1 mile was 8:08.

My official time was 24:41 which garnered an age group win. I’m a little off from my PR, ok so maybe more than a little, but that’s not what this race was about. I’m happy to just have been a part.

I’m so proud of both my parents – who have competitive finish times. They have completely changed their health and are having fun with it too. I love seeing their growth with running.

My dad gave me the biggest compliment after the race. He reminded me that he started running because I told him he could do it. My brother then started running. Another couple my dad knows then became runners, and now my mom. He told me I was like Johnny Appleseed dropping seeds of running all over.

Now to see who’s next. 🙂





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