Back to School and Training

If the last two weeks are any indication of what this school year will be like, then it will be a doozy. I need to get organized and get my stuff together, so I can enjoy this year and not be stressed by running behind. I also want to be present for my kids. We have a senior in high school this year with marching band and swim team, and one starting junior high with band. Then the baby of the family is in his last year of elementary. There’s a lot going on.

We had to update shot records.

No tears this round, but she still got ice cream.

No tears this round, but she still got ice cream.

We went to a sneak peek band performance, and then they marched on the field with their big sister.


We hosted a preteen retreat this past Friday for incoming seventh graders at our church, and a few youth helpers. I ate junk food.

The key word here is

The key word here is “a” which would have been fine if that’s what I stayed with.

Then the first day of school came way too fast, and it coincided with the first day of marathon training. So here we go back to routines, schedules, and busy weeknights.


Now, let me get back to running.

Somewhere in the midst of all the “pregame” activities, I ran a local 10k. It’s one of the races I do every year. In fact, it was my first 5k – August 2010. It is in August, and it is hot, but I like supporting the United Way. This year, my running friend and I had started a 5k beginner group to finish the program with this race. We had a few that stuck with it through the warm Saturday mornings, and I would have considered it a success even if we had just one person come. I created a Facebook group based off of this blog – Anyone Can Run, and used it to communicate workouts and other information.

The way the course is laid out, the 10k turns right and goes over the highway via a pedestrian bridge (read: uphill, then down), up another small hill. Turn down a road that slopes uphill, run a gentle downhill, up another hill, back down the slope, back over the highway, and then run the flat 5k course. The 10k is a challenge. It is not a PR race. I say that because it goes right by my house. Twice. Those are not the kind of roads I do my speedwork on. I head to flatter terrain for that. But my neighborhood is great for building strength. It was nice when we moved into the 5k course. It’s an out and back, so I was able to see the runners from our training group and cheer them on. 🙂

I struggled through the race around mile 4.5. It has been a while since I’ve ran that far – fast. Thanks to small races, I still placed first in my age group.


There was a surprise as the race director/President of the United Way chapter called me up to the stage to thank me for encouraging others with this race and coming to support it every year. Then he asked me to say a few words. My belief has always been that if you just stick with it, you won’t regret it. That’s what this blog is about – my parents who started running in their 60s, my friends who were late 40s and 50s, my brother who is just a bit younger than me.


I was a few minutes off from my best course time two years ago, but I haven’t been running fast this year from my injury. The race did help me come up with training goals and paces for my marathon in December. I have to remember to work from where I am, not where I was.

I’m excited about the Dallas Marathon this year. There are several from our running group who will be doing their first marathon in Dallas – including my best running friend. As soon as she registers.

I’ll update more on my training/race plans next post. As soon as I finish planning out the second half of my training schedule…

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