SEF Celebrate the Run 2015

Saturday was my 6th time to participate in the Sherman Education Foundation’s Celebrate the Run. One of my favorite things about this race is the goody bag actually has goodies every year!


The first two years I ran the 5k (they also had a 15k). The next three years they held a 10k in place of the 15k, so I ran that distance. This year there was no 10k. It was a 5k and a fitness challenge course (sponsored by the local Crossfit group). I was disappointed to see the 10k go away, so I ran the 5k. Out of my two youngest children (high schooler was performing with the band), only my littlest wanted to run this year.


The morning started off rainy, and I worried that my son wouldn’t want to run. But it did lighten up to just barely a mist by the time the race started.

We had agreed ahead of time that we would run our own races and I would come back for him after I finished. He hasn’t quite learned how to pace yet, so he takes walk breaks.

I ran my race without looking at my Garmin. I gauged myself based on effort. I knew I probably couldn’t run in the 23 minute range again yet, but was hoping I would be closer to the top of 24:00. My last 5k was in May with a time of 24:41. According to my Strava data, my second mile was the fastest. I didn’t have much of a kick at the end, but my official finish time was 24:18.

I grabbed a bottle of water from the finish, my Nuun bottle from my husband, and ran double-fisting the bottles to find my son. It took me about 3/4 of a mile to get to him. He was smiling and when he saw me, he told me that he was finding all the puddles so his socks were wet. Obviously he was doing okay.

We ran and walked and talked, then I stepped off the course so he could run fast to the finish.

The best part of the morning was when he realized that he won his age group – and that he actually finished before two others. There are not many kids in the 9 and under category who will give up a Saturday morning.


He had fun and wants to keep running. I think we’ve found something that we can work on together to improve, but only as much as he wants to. I will not push my kids, but I will help them any way I can.


Later that evening, he asked me if I keep all my bibs.  (I do.) Monday morning when I took off the shoe tag, he wouldn’t let me throw it away. (I toss mine though.) He’s a little sentimental like his mother, and he was joyful about it too.

After the race on Saturday, I continued my cutback week with my long run on Sunday. I planned to take it easy, and let my body dictate the pace. I was sorer than I thought I’d be from the 5k I guess, and had some trouble finding energy. That could partly be due to the Whoppers, candy corn, and brownies I ate on Saturday. Garbage in – garbage out. Think I’d learn by now.


This week I’ll do better.





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