Work a Miracle: Life and Training

Back when I was planning my training for the Dallas Marathon, I wrote about my realistic expectations and other areas of my life that would affect my training. You can catch it here if you missed it. Last week was the perfect example.


First the parade on Monday:


Then the Revue on Thursday:


Then we had Friday night’s game where the junior high band (and my youngest daughter) during the 3rd quarter. My parents came in as well, so it was a busy night.


Let's not leave out Captain America!

Let’s not leave out Captain America!


When I got up to do my long run Saturday morning – my 1st 20 miler of the training cycle – I didn’t know how it would go. After less than five hours of sleep, and so many activities, I was tired. I started early and ran in my neighborhood until it was time to see my daughter off (it’s contest season). I was so ready to head down to the park and meet up with the group, because I was getting kind of tired of listening to my head. I managed to have the lyrics of Fall Out Boy on repeat for several miles. “I can work a miracle, work a miracle.” “She wants to dance like Uma Thurman. Bury me until I confess.” Yes, it was stuck in my head and did not go away for almost 8 miles. Although it must have helped, because I was averaging a 9:35 pace.

My dad once asked me if I wore earbuds when I run. Not usually, because I like to be more alert of what’s going on around me. Rarely in a race do I listen to music. I told him, “being stuck in my head for 26 miles is not a pretty place to be.”

Over the next several miles with the group, my pace stayed consistent and I was surprised. I was chatting and feeling good. The weather was amazing at 53 degrees and it certainly helped. My friend and I had a faster runner helping us out through the last several miles which kept my overall pace from dropping. When I headed home, I tried to drop down to race pace for the last mile and a half. I was hanging on until I hit the uphill to get home. Overall, I’m pleased with how it played out.



I feel like I recovered well from the 20 miler. I took a nap on Saturday – that’s two weeks in a row! Then there was the Homecoming dance Saturday evening. Translation: No sleep while waiting on child to come home.


Love this girl!

Sunday, after sleeping in and easing into my day, I took some time to take care of the yard and later headed to the pool for cross training. My legs felt pretty good, and my foot has been doing just fine.

This week I’m running the Showdown Half on Saturday. This will give me a better idea of my goals and expectations. I haven’t run under 2 hours since March. I have to remember to work from where I am.

Ever had a song stuck in your head on a run?

How do you manage life busyness while training?

How’s your training going?




What do you think?

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