Last Week’s Training

Because it’s peak week (and life is hitting hard today), here is my synopsis of last week’s marathon training – in pictures.

Finishing a run with this beautiful backdrop:


Cooler temperatures have arrived (some days):


Which means long sleeves (and compression socks for tired legs):


Maybe a hint that we should turn on the heater. For reference, she sleeps with her ceiling fan on and likes her room cold:


Perfect weather for a long run, which equates to faster paces:


Lots of chocolate milk on hand:


On Saturday afternoon, we went to a seminar at Trishop in Dallas. They were celebrating their 4th anniversary all weekend with events, giveaways, and sales. Both of us won a prize and ended up with all this stuff:


I’ll try out the chews probably after Dallas, since it’s less than a month away. The session was informative – about Ironman – and geared toward first-timers.  Yes, that’s a someday goal that will take me a while to get to. But I wanted to see what kind of info I could come away with. It was time well spent and I’m putting a timeline in place.



What do you think?

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