Marathon Training (Weeks 1&2)

The first two weeks of training for the Dallas Marathon have gone pretty well. I’ve been pleased with my paces, mileage, and how my body has responded to the long runs. I like how my marathon training in the fall always starts right along with the school year.

My eyes have adjusted to the early morning runs:


So I appreciate the Saturday long runs when I get to see the sunrise.


I’m still running with my son, and my other daughter joined us last week to get ready for a local 5k next weekend.


I worked on my marathon pace during my first double-digit run (since my half Ironman) in two months.



I was happy with it.


Then last week, I was inspired by another runner in our group. She’s one of the ones I’ve been chasing for a few years, but I can’t catch her. She’s a few years older than me, and she ran Boston this year. About a month ago, she started chemo and she’s come out for most of the Saturday runs since. On this run, she was flying and I couldn’t keep up. I think she finally dialed it back for the last mile and ended up running around 8 miles. She wanted to get a picture of our little group to post on her care page. She inspires me as she goes through her treatments with a great outlook and sense of humor, cracking up when someone said she was taking the “run like Meb” thing a little too far.


It was a great group run, and I ended up with 13 miles total on Saturday.

I’m looking forward to the weeks ahead, and more miles with my kids. That’s the icing on the cake in my training.



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