Bluebonnet Half and Training

When I can find a great deal on a close to me race, my frugal self is going to try to do it & drag some of my running friends along with me. That race was the Bluebonnet Half in McKinney.

I also wanted to squeeze in another half before the weather got too warm to see how I’d do. Since it’s still been basically winter the two Saturdays prior, I was hoping we’d have cooler race day temperatures.

I wasn’t disappointed.

Four of us went to the race together. We’ve been putting in some miles together for early morning runs, and I so enjoy those times together. It makes such a difference in getting up early for a run knowing you have others waiting on you to get there. My favorite workout in the last couple of weeks was one morning we met at a high school track. We were able to do our own workout/pace, and still be together. One mom even brought her son who was getting ready for a local 5k! I couldn’t get any of my kids up that early for a  run.

Race day was cool and breezy, and the sun was out. It looked like the rain would hold off. We were prepared for it if it did though. I wore clothes that I thought would do better in a downpour. It didn’t turn out to be the most flattering option, but at least I wouldn’t have chafing issues.

Didn’t see the guy behind us until later…His face cracks me up.

My motto was “no excuses” and I was ready to run a sub 2 hour half. The course was fairly flat, and I was familiar with most of the route from previous races. We started off with half a lap around the track, then out to a concrete paved path that would wind through some of McKinney’s parks.

I kept my pace around 9:00 for each mile. Whenever we turned into the wind, it actually felt pretty good, but a couple of times I almost lost my visor. I was listening to music for the first time in a race in years, and I think the distraction helped with the monotony of the miles. I was hanging with the 2 hr pacers, but I kept track of my splits on my Garmin to run my own race.

I stopped somewhere along mile 9 to refill my bottle. I had gone as long as I could, knowing that when I stopped my plantar fasciitis might make it hard to start up again.

Have you ever had plantar fasciitis? It’s the only running injury I’ve ever had in almost 8 years of running. 3 years ago in my right foot, and now in my left.

I was able to get going again and almost made up for my stop, but somewhere in mile 10 my left heel was done with the concrete. It was so painful, at one time I felt like my heel would split open. I backed way off the pace, moved off the concrete to run in the grass, walked a little, cried a little, and tried to keep moving. Because that’s where the finish was.

As disappointed as I was watching my sub 2 disappear, I was more worried about the pain. I can be stubborn, but I knew enough to back off rather than risk further damage. This was not a goal race. I’ve heard that the fascia can rupture, and that just sounds awful. Thankfully, the pain subsided enough where I was able to run the last mile. Then the course led back up to the track to the finish. I may be one of the few runners who was happy to run around the track. Soft surface!

My finish time was 2:05:19. Not too bad considering the time I lost in the last 4 miles. I was surprised to check the results and see that I was 2nd in my age group. I tried to make that my positive outcome from the race, even though it felt slow for an age group medal. But it just goes to show you, you never know who will show up.

Overall, it was a well done race: organized, inexpensive, nice shirt and medal, and good snacks. I haven’t been disappointed in any of the Get Racing events I’ve done. The only thing missing was bluebonnets. But there were plenty of dandelions on the course. 😉

I also enjoyed my morning with my running friends.


Now, I’m actually ready to take a break from long races. I need my foot to get better, lose a few pounds (as evidenced by my race pics), and build some strength. I’m doing a sprint triathlon in June, so there will be more swimming and biking. My coach will figure out the training, and I’ll get it done.






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