Hello. Is this thing still on? Oh my goodness. One year. I can’t believe it’s been an entire year.

My last blog entry was posted just over a year ago. Not just because of lack of races – I have run a few – but this was one activity I shelved when the world shut down last March.

After a couple of password resets and false starts in the past month, I decided to get back to writing about running because it’s two things I love to do.

I had my ups and downs with running throughout the past year, but I kept going. And I would love to report that I was one of those super motivated runners getting after it, setting PRs on my own, and getting stronger.

I wasn’t.

Every time a race cancelled, the wind was knocked out of my sails. When family stuff we had been looking forward to for months was cancelled, I honestly didn’t feel like pushing myself in training. I stopped updating my training log, gained some weight (thanks to working from home), and just put in lots of easy, low heart rate miles.

Finally, in the last week, I started to feel like my old self – the one who would push herself in training to reach goals instead of settling, the one who had a fire to get it done. So I guess my point that I’m reinforcing to anyone else who may have felt this way, is that it’s okay to have ups and downs, pandemic or not, and to do what you can to get through situations. Training is just one aspect of our lives.

But not to be a Debbie Downer, I took a fresh look back at some of what I did (ran) in the last year, and it gave me a better perspective that my time wasn’t wasted. Here’s a brief look at what I didn’t write about – in pictures:

I completed Goggins’ 4x4x48 challenge the week after Cowtown – a mental win I needed after a disappointing race.
Pandemic Life – running with my kids
Wildflower Trail virtual race
My first 50k distance (on the road)
Brazos Bend 50k Virtual
Summer virtual series where I ran all 50k distances
Fort Worth Marathon 20 miler – age group winner
Dallas Marathon virtual – and my best marathon in a while.
More running with my kids 🙂 This makes me happy.
My first ultra – Running the Rose 54K – in person!

Okay, so this last one really needs its own post, and maybe I’ll write about that one soon. If only because I need the reminder myself.

Looking back, even without many in person races, I was still able to challenge myself and enjoy running in a way I normally wouldn’t. So I learn and grow from the experiences. But boy, I am really glad I have that fire back again. Just in time for the summer meltdown. 🙂