At the beginning of 2021, I had somewhat structured my training out through the summer. I planned to build up for a marathon (Dallas, which was postponed – again) and then run an ultra in May. I had also penciled in a couple of triathlon events through the summer to shift to more swimming and biking, and less running.

After Possum’s Revenge in May, I was just plain tired. I didn’t want to spend the money on races, so I decided not to do an official triathlon. But I did want to continue to train that way to build strength and speed, and get rid of the “work from home weight gain.”

I have always done best (mentally) with races on the calendar to guide my training, but for most of the summer my schedule was wide open. On purpose. And you know what? It was kind of nice – to have an open schedule and not worry if I didn’t fit it all in.

This laid-back approach really helped when we went on vacation. 🙂

This relaxed approach to an off-season gave me the time to get some things done on the house, and that’s when I decided it was time to makeover the gameroom. So instead of Saturday or Sunday outdoor bike rides, I was running early (8-10 miles) and spending the rest of my day with a paintbrush in my hand. The project is taking triple the amount of time I expected it to when I decided to reclaim the room from kids who don’t use it anyway. It will be a nice spot to relax when it’s finished, though. I’m pretty excited about it.

For the off-season, it took a bit for my brain to adjust to less activity. And to be honest, some days it was hard. After pushing for months training for an ultra, running 3 miles on a Monday instead of 6 was a bit different. But it was the break I needed, both mentally and physically, and now I’m looking forward to the structure of marathon training going into the fall.

Dallas Marathon is coming up in December!