Keeping it Easy (Training Update)

My training cycle for Dallas Marathon just hasn’t had a lot of excitement. Tune up races haven’t been a part of the schedule, mostly to keep building stronger legs for the long runs. It’s been kind of boring actually, with the exception being the friends I get to run with. Lots of easy runs by minutes instead of miles (10:30s-11:30 paces are the norm). Strength and mobility (SAM) work after every run. Easy paced long runs on Saturdays and hard (speed) workouts once a week.

From Saturday’s perfect weather run

But I feel really good. The SAM work is a game changer and I highly recommend it. Or at least some regular strength and mobility work. I don’t feel the stiffness that usually comes with marathon training and prolonged sitting. Other than my hamstrings, which usually need some extra TLC anyway, my legs feel good and strong. And I don’t feel “fluffy” like I usually do at this point of training. Thank goodness for that!

I’m also putting better effort into nutrition. After struggling to lose a few pounds over the summer, I’m following a different approach. Common sense eating, actually, and it’s helping. My metabolism just hasn’t been kind to me the past several years – honestly, it never really has. But I’d take my 35 year-old metabolism over this one for sure!

I’m making sure I’m taking in calories before the long runs and longer weekday workouts. Last week I ate a Picky Bar about 45 minutes prior to the 800s workout. It was actually 1/2 mile repeats on the road, because our track access disappeared. But still…

It was my best workout thus far in the training. It could’ve been due to the weather or improved nutrition, or maybe fitness, but either way I am feeling good about my progress.

This weekend, I’m testing out my planned marathon pace with a 20 mile race in Fort Worth. I ran this race last year and I’d like to improve on that time. The weather looks great too! I’m excited to see what I can do.


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