Keeping Running Fun

Do you have fun with your running? Or do you look at it as something to check off of your to-do list? Is it a means to an end so you can still enjoy indulgences? Is it a way to stay healthy and meet goals you never imagined possible?

For me, it is all of the above – and then some.

I love to run.

I love that my feet carry me to new places in town. I relish the time to sort out problems during a middle distance weekday run. I enjoy the diversity of challenging myself with speed one day, and on a different day chatting with another runner on a long run. I love seeing my times improve over time, along with my health. At the age of 38, I am in the best shape of my life.

With all these positives, I still have times – usually at the peak of training for a race – when I find myself looking at my run as something to check off my list. I sometimes sit in the car before a run with heavy legs. It happens during the highest mileage weeks, when my house is in chaos and my family is anxiously waiting for race day to come and go.

I needed to find a way to lighten up my mood and keep enjoying the runs, and last week I did.

I took my teenage son with me to the park for one of my longer weekday runs. He took his skateboard. At the designated meeting time, I headed back to the car but I still had about .15 miles to go. He was leaning up against the car waiting for me, but I have this quirk about getting my exact distance in. So I started running circles around the car to finish. My son thought it was pretty funny (or weird). When my Garmin landed on the even mile, I stopped making myself dizzy. It lightened my mood, and let him see another quirky side of me.

This helped move me out of the rut a little. After next week, I get to start the taper. I am ready.

So what things do you do to keep running fun? Or what quirks do you have?



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